About Me

Hi, I'm Lilith, an uncomplicated companion located in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I have been described as warm, caring, sensual and playful.  In public, I carry myself with style, grace and charm.  In private, I am deeply passionate and uninhibited. I own a lovely, upscale adult massage studio called Elite Retreat.   You can often find me there so please feel free to stop by and say hi!

5'4 / 135 lbs / Age mid 30's / Natural Blond / Blue Eyes




Do you require screening?

Yes, for my safety I ask that you either: 

a) provide a reference from another provider (please contact her first), or 

b) send me a photo of your ID plus a picture of you holding your ID, or 

c) visit me at Elite Retreat

Do you provide references?

Of course!  I'm more than happy to provide a reference for anyone that I have seen within the last 12 months.  Please email me first to let me know you will be using me as a reference.  For your safety & discretion, I will not confirm that I have seen you, nor divulge any details about you without your prior consent.

Do you offer '___' service?

I do not discuss, nor promise any 'services'.  Your personal conduct and hygiene will go a long way towards determining our intimacy level.  I consider myself to be fairly open-minded and adventurous, however, requests for unprotected intercourse will result in immediate termination of our visit with no refund.

Do you discriminate based on age, race, gender etc.?

While I do prefer my suitors to be over 30, I do not have an upper age limit.  I enjoy the company of mature individuals very much.  I happily see people of all ethnic backgrounds & genders. 

Do you offer shorter private sessions?

I am happy to meet for less than 2 hours at Elite Retreat.  My 'up to 2 hours' rate is my minimum booking fee for meetings outside the studio.  If a shorter visit work best for your schedule, but you prefer to meet outside the studio, I can certainly accommodate, but please keep in mind that my minimum rate for up to 2 hours will apply.

Contact Me

l Unfortunately, I am rarely able to entertain same day booking requests. Please try to give me at least 24 hours notice.

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